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This game was submitted by Logan L. from Florida State University
People Needed:At least four
Need to play:Cards & drink of your choice
Object:To finish the game
How its played:You spread the cards face down in a circle and you place a full beer in the middle of the circle...the way the game does is just like circle of go in a circle one by one with someone picking up a card...but each card represents a rule...2 stands for "you" meaning you get to pick someone to drink...3 is for "me" meaning the person who grabbed the card has to drink...4 is for "whores" meaning all girls drink...5 is that you get to make a rule for the game...6 is for "dicks" meaning all guys drink...7 is for "heaven" meaning when this card is drawn everyone has to throw their hands up and the last one to put their hands up has to drink...8 is "pick a date" meaning you pick a person for the game and that means your date has to drink anytime you drink...9 is "bust a rhyme" meaning you have to say a line and the next person has to rhyme with it until someone cant rhyme and then they have to drink...10 is "categories" meaning you pick a category such as sex positions, so then you keep naming positions till no one can and that person has to drink...jack is "never have I ever" meaning you say something you have never done and who ever has done it has to drink...queen is for "questions" this one is kind of start by asking someone a random question, then that person has to ask another person a question but the question cant be the same or rehtorical...king is for "captain dick head" you want this card...when you get a king you are the captain dick head, you can make anyone drink at any given time for any given reason....and ace is for "waterfalls" meaning the person who got the ace starts the waterfall and when they start everyone starts drinking and when the first person stops drinking the next person can stop and then when that person gets done the next person can stop and so remember how I told you to put beer in the middle of the circle...well every card that is pulled you have to put it under the tab of the full beer...and the first person to pop the beer tab (where it makes that fizz sound) has to chug that whole beer...good luck and have fun with the game
Other Rules:none
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