People Needed:

2 or 4 people (head to head or 2 on 2)

What you need to play:

  • (14) 12 ounce plastic cups (6 per team and 2 water cups)
  • (2) Ping-pong balls (preferably more incase one gets broken or lost)
  • (2-4) 12 ounce beverages per game
  • A flat level playing surface around 7 ft long and 3 ft wide


To sink all of the other teams cups

Getting Started

  1. Setup:
    Pong Table Setup

    Set up cups as shown in picture above

  2. Starting: Winning team shoots first. If the night is just beginning or the winning team has resigned then a player from each team will shoot on the count of three while looking each other in the eye. If the player from Blue makes his cup and the player from Red doesn't, the next player on Blue will shoot. If they both make or miss, the next shooters on each team will shoot in the same fashion. This continues until the outcomes are different.

  3. Turns: Each team shoots twice per turn. If both players make their shots, the balls are returned and receive an extra turn.

  4. Shooting: The ball can be thrown or bounced into the cup. Depending on the length of the table, your elbow may not be allowed to cross the end of the table while shooting. (Good rule for shorter tables). If leaning is permitted, you can lean over the table but may not touch. If the ball somehow lands in the middle of 3 or 4 cups all cups are considered sunk. (very rare, easier when bouncing)

  5. Sinking Cups: A cup is sunk as soon as the ball touches the contents of the cup. If a ball is spinning in the cup you may attempt to blow it out before it touches the cups contents. (Warning: If the ball touches the contents and then you blow it out and it lands in another cup, both cups are considered sunk). If a team shoots and hit the other team's cup the team who had the cup that was sunk drinks the contents. Team members alternate drinking cups. If a person shooting knocks over the other teams cup unintentionally the cup is considered sunk. If you knock over one of your own cups, it is considered sunk.

  6. Game Ending Situations: Note: redemption round means last turn by the team on the verge of losing. Just as in a regular turn, if two shots are made in a row you get another bonus round keeping the game alive.
    • The opposite team has 1 or 2 cups left. If your team hits two in a row there is no redemption
    • If the other team has one cup left and you only hit one out of 2 shots the other team has 2 shots (one for each player) to sink your remaining cups. If they sink the rest of your cups they force overtime regardless on whether they hit one or two.

    • Overtime: If a team hits the remaining cups during redemption overtime is forced. Overtime consists of each team setting up 3 cups in a triangle format using a beverage to fill them up. The team who hit the last cup first shoots first in overtime. Overtime is played like a normal game with the same rules applied (i.e. overtime can be forced again following the same process).

    • Misc. Rules: Cups are rearranged after 2 cups are hit to a diamond formation (1 cup, 2 cups, then one cup). All taunting must be done behind the table (if you interfere and hit the other teams shot you have to take a cup away).
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